Willard Cup

The Willard World Cup is a series of six races held throughout the winter. They are low-key, fun races open to all young skiers. The races consist of two timed runs on the lower Podium Girlshalf of the Colonel. The course is a basic single-gate “Nastar” course. The racers are split into four age groups: Under 14, Under 12, Under 10, and Under 8 for both boys and girls. The races are free for Ski Team members, and $5 for all others. Racers sign up in the race building on race day. Each racer gets two timed runs, a candy bar, and a ribbon. Weekly results are tabulated throughout the season to determine a yearlong standing for the racers.

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2016-2017 Willard Cup Schedule and Results

Saturday, Jan 27 1:30PM       Willard Cup Results Jan 27, 2018

Saturday, Feb 10 1:30PM

Saturday, Feb 17 1:30PM

Thursday, Feb 22 1:30PM

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